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Biblical Reasons for Going to Church

If you want to have a good relationship and a good walk with God as a Christian it is crucial to go to church. You should understand that it is not a must to go to church to prove you are a Christian but there are numerous benefits that you can get to encounter. Thus, you have been provided with biblical reasons why Christians need to go to church.

The first reason why it is important to go to church is that it is a commandment. As depicted in exodus 20:8-11, the Sabbath should be kept holy, and therefore, it is important it observe that commandment and use the day to worship God.

The second reason here to go to church is because it is a community where one learns from one another in good and bad times. When we reach to one another, we easily know their needs and we can lift each as depicted in the book of Galatians 6:2 on bearing each other burdens.

Another important reason is that you are the church. We are the church as in Ephesians 4:16 and to keep it functional people must be there and serve.

Going enhances clarity. When you go to church you will have deep knowledge about the word and also more info on what God can do to your problem where you need clarifications.

In addition, it is important to go to church because Jesus went and there are so many scriptures explaining that. By going to church you learn on problem-solving. Matthew 18:20 is referred to problem-solving and it is through forgiveness you can solve a conflict.

God has given everyone a gift and will be well utilized when we go to church. We are supposed to use gifts for His glory and the church provides that avenue where you will use God-given gifts to serve in the church and help each other. Going to church teaches children the right path to follow. You will be in a position to give your children a firm Christianity foundation that they will benefit from it in their entire life since they will get teachings that will be helpful.

Forgiveness of sins is another reason for going to church. It becomes easy to forgive and be forgiven your sins when you go to church. One needs to have an earthly figure for mentorship and guidance and through that, it’s easy to achieve that by going to church as outlined in Titus 2:2-6. We go to church in remembrance of Him. You will participate in communion that will renew your faith in God.